When you are watching this page from a country where there is an imprint needed, then be aware that there is no content provided in — REZ CX is similar to a library where the librarian tells you where to find the information you are looking for. The information might be stored in Tuvalu or in Onawero. Both are fine places when you have read The Sand Bible.

When checking out what the Sand Bible has to tell you you might think that a time traveler has no relevance in the legal system on Earth. That he will not be authorized to step in and push your claim down. That is very true. On the other hand Traveler 3326 is a historian. He will call the Gods of Informatics for help.

It would be a mistake not to have met the Gods and embrace the words of wisdom they willingly share before you call your lawyer, right? On the other hand, if you love to gain experience and you are willing to spend tons of hours then you are welcomed to face the Gods. Even Caesar lost his battle with them. Just his cipher still exists and ERVARE was granted to use it.

One more thing. You may need some space to make proper notes on the journey ahead. I recommend A History of the White. It is a book of blank pages. Legally it can’t exist, but it does. Read in rez Magazine how ERVA RE overcame the restriction, that he got the DEFCON BLACK badge, the highest award.

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